Alternate nostril breathing

This exercise is a good one to do everyday to clear out your head and get prepared for some activity. Once again, do it for 3-4 minutes to get your brain activity set right. Here's how to do it:

1. Sit with your back straight.
2. Take your left hand and place your thumb on your left nostril, your index finger and middle finger on your forehead, and rest your ring finger on your right nostril.
3. Now breathe in through your right nostril and at the end of your inhalation close it with your ring finger.
4. Next open your left nostril and exhale.
5. Now go the other way, in through your left and out through your right.
6. Repeat until centered.

It's known as Nadi Sodhana in the yoga world, and you can find lots of descriptions about it online. There are also variations on hand positions.


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