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Identify joyfulness

This is a good technique if you're suffering. It seems that no matter what we're going through there's always a little corner of our being that has joyfulness in it. I'm not going to speculate about joy and how to define it or where it comes from - it's just one of those things we have. So,

1. Sit quietly and identify some joyful moments in your life. Take a moment to immerse yourself in those moments.

2. Now close your eyes and practice some deep breathing. Count your breath if necessary.

3. Next identify the joy within yourself. Try to locate it physically.

4. Now try to merge your whole body with this feeling. Allow it to spread through your whole body or breathe into the place where you found it and allow your attention to settle there.

5. Cultivate the joy and bring it into the next moments of your day.

Joyfulness, happiness and inner peace are some of the way markers into deeper states of meditation. It's good to identify them and become familiar with them as …