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Neurology and meditation

If you have a scientific inclination, then these guys seem to be doing a good job of explaining the neuroscience behind meditation. Although it seems to me that neurology is still quite a basic medical science, but they seem to know that too.

You might also be interested in Richard Davidson who put some monks into an MRI machine and derived some interesting results. He's also affiliated with the Center for investigating healthy minds.

Here is my take on things:

What is meditation?

Put simply, meditation is training the mind to see experience as it really is. It is a fundamental looking into ourselves.

In practical terms, there are numerous meditation techniques but there are essentially two main methods of meditation - mindfulness ( leading to vipassana) and samadhi (concentration). Mindfulness is cultivating awareness and samadhi is cultivating tranquility, although you can't really do one without the other. The goal of each technique is to generate a steadiness of mind fro…