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Living with CFS - establishing a baseline of activity

This has been THE most useful exercise for me as I progress through the illness. A baseline of activity is a level of activity that allows you to exist with ease, i.e. you have a stable routine that doesn't leave you completely wrecked, allows you to have a normal sleep pattern, or otherwise cause you to experience anxiety that can't be easily processed. You're looking for a level of activity that leaves you with a sense of 'I can cope with this.'

The baseline of activity doesn't have to consist of much and indeed my baseline is quite basic. It involves an activity in the morning, an activity in the afternoon, and an activity in the evening (when I say activity I mean something that is not resting, I don't mean hiking up a mountain). I also try to schedule some 'outside' time once a day even if I don't feel like it. In between activities, I have different modes of resting - cup of tea resting, radio resting, TV resting (not for long), meditation …