Chronic fatigue syndrome - one thing to remember

There is no cure. There might be days when you feel cured , indeed I have the delusion of wellness when I ride my bicycle. I feel as clear as a bell as I coast along and I start planning my new life 'now that I feel better', then when I dismount I feel the life drain out of me and I realise that I have been fooled again. Now, as I ride along I try to remind myself that it is only 'bicycle wellness' and that there is no cure.

No cure also means that no-one knows what causes it. So there's no need to go through the trouble of beating yourself up with statements like 'if only I'd have lived my life differently', 'I should have done this', 'I shouldn't have done that', 'I should have realised', 'I'm to blame'. Forget all that, no-one knows. Better to deal with the cards we've been dealt.


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