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'I'll just do this' and chronic fatigue

Pacing is a very tricky thing to master and I still haven't managed total discipline in doing it. There are many distractions that draw us away from the refuge of the pacing routine. Here's one scenario that happens to me rather a lot:

1. I'll decide to do a task - say write a blog post. I'll plan it, set a time limit (even set an alarm), and then remember to stay controlled while I'm doing it.
2. I'll do the task. Sometimes I'll get a little buzz from doing it (if I like it), sometimes I'll feel slightly frustrated (if I don't like it).
3. Have you noticed what has happened? The feelings associated with the task have distracted me and my mind has moved on from the initial intention to something else.
4. Now, I'll say to myself - perhaps I'll just write some emails, or I'll just do some music or something else.
5. My alarm might go off, but I'll say - I'm just going to do this little thing.
6. Then I am lost.

Now I set a trap for myself…