Chronic fatigue pacing part 1 - why is pacing difficult?

First and foremost, a strong will is necessary. Luckily, feeling dreadful all the time was incentive enough to make me want to do it. Here are some other points to note:

- It requires effort to plan a routine and effort is in short supply when you're wiped out.
- It's boring. Sticking to a routine lacks excitement.
- It's frustrating. You have to deny yourself constantly, even when you are feeling bouncy.
- Guilt. If you don't stick to your routine you feel bad and we don't want that.
- More guilt. Pacing is restrictive for you and the people you live with. They don't generally enjoy it.
- It's a struggle. Trying to rest even if you don't want to rest is a bit of a tussle.
- Resting is difficult. Unless you're trained in the arts of resting and meditation, having a lot of resting time is difficult to fill. How do you rest?
- It's a long term thing. It takes a long, long, long time to get lasting results.
- You're trying to alter your habitual mind. It's like going on a diet or stopping smoking or stopping watching TV. These habits are not easy to change.

Finally, you don't really feel like 'doing pacing' thank you very much. Perhaps things are going great, or perhaps they are not. If they are not then you need to try something different.


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