Chronic fatigue pacing - we're only human

Sometimes it's good to give yourself a little perspective and accept your limitations. I fail at pacing all the time and sometimes it's a bad thing and sometimes it's a good thing. It's all too easy to criticise yourself when you don't adhere to the pacing plan but I've learned that this is not helpful (and quite unrealistic).

We are all human and we all make mistakes all the time. We try and we fail, and that's what we do. While we're failing, we learn from our mistakes and that's probably more interesting than getting things right all the time. So, life is full of difficult things and being ill for years on end is a fairly large difficulty to get your head round, but there it is. We try pacing, we make mistakes, we move on, we try again. If you expect to succeed at everything all the time then you're setting yourself up for future difficulty. Accept your humanness from the very beginning.


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