Chronic fatigue - good days and bad days

I guess everyone in life has good days and bad days, but when you have a chronic illness there's an extra bit of sauce to the experience. Bad days are very frequent and there's a whole plethora of mental struggle when they happen - how bad will it get? Good days are surprising and the mind gets carried away - I'm cured!

In reality, we are not entirely in control of what is happening. Our body is on a mysterious, undulating journey filled with ups and downs, and our 'self' is a helpless passenger on that journey. Things go well and we think our journey is pleasant (and coming to an end), then things go badly and our journey is a nightmare. Perhaps, instead of being a victim of circumstance, we should learn to observe the reality of what is going on and our reactions to it. To a certain extent, we can control our reactivity and see the bigger picture - just a bad day, just a good day, just a normal day, no reaction, no reaction, no reaction. Then, if we are lucky, we might become like an old cat watching birds come and go in the garden, and seeing them as just birds, leaving them be and enjoying the sunshine instead.


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