Chronic fatigue - mindfulness of energy

This is something I do a lot, especially when I know I have something to do near the end of the day or if I have a major day planned. Basically, when you have limited energy resources it's good to keep an eye on where your energy is going. Are you using it going up and down stairs, walking into the wind, worrying too much, chatting to people, having the television on, browsing the Internet, cooking, getting up from a chair and sitting down again, listening to people talking too much, being round children, shopping, walking round a shopping mall (a lot of sensory overload in these places without me even knowing it), and so on. The good news is that if you pay attention (mindfulness) to what you are doing when you are doing it then you tend to use less energy and, curiously, if you get it right you might even feel energised afterwards.

How does this work? When we pay attention to things as we do them, we stop the mental straining that accompanies the sense of 'getting things done' and we become more in tune with our bodies - we breathe easier, relax our muscles, and enter a flow like state. We become less distracted, less stressed, and our limited energy goes a teeny bit further.


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