Enjoy a beautiful breath

This is quite a simple experience and can be had any time of the day. Take a moment to compose yourself and then set the intention to be present for your breathing. Now, allow everything to stop for a moment - all your breathing, thinking and general gnarled up go-getting. Just stop. Rest in a perfectly still moment. Now, allow your in breath to start all on its own. Notice the mild feeling of relief to be breathing again, notice the sweet flood of pleasure as the breath rushes into your body - expand this pleasure by pushing this pleasantness into your feet and right up to your head.

Now, hold the in breath for a moment and take a moment to notice your discomfort. Then let the breath come out of your body. Notice the mild feeling of relief to be letting the breath out again. If you can, allow your whole body to deflate with the breath and notice how pleasant that feels. Allow yourself to sink into the moment and feel the pleasantness of relaxation.

And that's it! One breath.


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