Feel good breath refreshment

Feel good breathing is a quick way to tune into the heart of pleasantness any time of the day.

Sit purposefully, and set the intention to have three deep, full breaths. Breathe in deep to the belly so that you feel the pressure in your tummy and then allow the breath to fill up your lungs so that the chest expands. Hold the full breath, and let it out slowly. If you like, you can visualise the out breath going through the whole body and out of the feet. Relax. On the next in-breath, imagine the whole breath coming into your lungs and permeating all the muscles in your body - you might notice how pleasant this feels. As you breathe out this time imagine the breath coming out from your head in all directions. Relax. For the final in-breath, take a more gentle breath and notice how nice it feels. Release this breath gently. Take a moment before resuming your day.


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