Heartfulness as opposed to mindfulness

I know when people see the word 'heart' the hackles go up and we assume something lightweight is going on, but in this case I am refering to the spatial location of awareness rather than a love heart situation. It's also interesting to note that in Buddhist circles heart and mind are interchangeable words, which seems incongruous but it does point to something. Anyway, disclaimer over.

Mindfulness implies some form of mental activity which inturn implies that we are actively doing something. This leads to the situation where we actively watching ourselves not doing anything which is kind of paradoxical. Heartfulness is mindfulness but our attention comes from the heart area. This leads more naturally to relaxed, attentive, awareness as we sit with our body watching the stream of events arise and pass away. There is less opportunity for striving and analysing as we are not using that part of our mind to be with experience.

So sit in the heart and see what happens. Make your heart your home.


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