Positivity - an introduction

So then, here's a big topic. As part of being ill, I was instructed to stay positive and look on the bright side. This seemed quite difficult given the list of challenges I was facing but I'm not one for giving up before trying it out first. So I tried being positive and noticing positive things that happened in my life but it all seemed a bit fake and I struggled with it for a while - yes, the sun is shining but what about the wreckage of my life.

Then, after hanging round some positive people, I realised that 'me' trying to be positive wasn't going to achieve anything; something more was needed. I realised that it was my point of view that needed to change. I needed to experience postive feelings fully and live life through those positive feelings, as opposed to simply willing myself to think positive.

Being positive isn't pretending everything is all right when it isn't. It's not even going there in the first place. Not an easy feat, but the alternative isn't so great either.


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