Focus on the space in your head

This is a good exercise to do if your head is a bit foggy or contracted. It's also quite a good one for deepening meditation, especially when you get to the point where you want to switch from 'trying' to meditate to clarity and spaciousness. So, what is it?

1. Take a moment and then close your eyes.
2. Connect with your breath going in and out for a few moments. Be aware of your breathing.
3. Now focus your attention on your head; the muscles in the face, and the flow of energy inside your skull as your breathe.
4. Relax any tension in the head.
5. Notice any space there might be in the head and connect with the feeling of spaciousness. Space seems empty and refreshing. Connect with the feeling of clarity.
6. Do this clarity attention for a few minutes.
7. Now, focus on the space in the middle of your head. It might feel clogged up, and if this is the case just imagine the breath coming in and cleansing that space. Keep focusing on the space and cleaning out any fog that might be in there.
8. Rest in the empty space. Notice what moves your attention away from the calm abiding.

If you get good at this, connect with the space in your body and then the space in the world around you.