Simple common sense nutrition tips

I'm not a nutritionist but here's what helps me feel a little bit perkier and it also helped me to lose two stone in weight over a few short months.

- Avoid sugar. This will smooth out sudden drops in energy level once the benefit of sugar has passed.It's generally considered to be a bad guy by those who know.

- Avoid wheat. It interferes with digestion and absorption of food. Also, you'll eat less bread (very salty) and commercial cakes as a result.

- Avoid caffeine. It messes with my system big time. Let your body perk itself up naturally.

- Avoid alcohol. It has its place but not when you're looking after your body.

- Buy a blender / smoothy maker. This has increased my vegetable intake considerably - especially beetroot.

- Plan all your meals. This will make it easier to stick to a healthy diet.

- Eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Turn yourself into a goat (basically). I try to have a balanced meal with protein and starch for food combining reasons.Check out the Krebs cycle, a modern scientific wonder.


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