Chronic fatigue - what is sensible for me right now?

I ask myself this question a lot and I find it quite helpful when I'm about to do something that:

a) I used to be able to do as a fit person
b) Seems to be stretching myself in my current state

Usually when I ask the question, the answer is generally 'not really' because I know in my heart that I'm pushing myself too hard. It's a kind of a grounding question, bringing me back to reality rather than allowing myself to dwell in a deluded view of myself as I used to be.

This tension between 'how I used to be' and 'how I am now' is an interesting aspect of this illness - perhaps I am still in denial of some kind. Perhaps I always will be, but I guess it is part of life to live with these old versions of our self grumbling away.


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