Some simple meditation intention instructions

Meditation is quite an interesting skill to master; one day we might be in the groove, the next day we might be all over the place. It seems that we are easily blown around by what happens in everyday life and, since there is an act of remembering about meditation, we easily forget what we are supposed to be doing, especially when we haven't needed to remember for a while.

Here's a few simple pointers that help me reset my intention when I've lost my way:


- Abandon bad mind states (and avoid them)
- Cultivate good mind states and stay in the good ones. (Don't feel guilty about it, it's the right thing to do).
- Open the forehead, cultivate spacious mind, and relax the body.

I can usually find my back from there. You can also try gladdening the mind, but I'll talk about that some other time - it comes under cultivating the good.

(Note, the first two point comprise the four right efforts of Buddhism).


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