Winding down

I feel that there's not much more I can add to this blog. I've not found any miracle techniques but then I didn't expect to. It's all down to working with the mind:

Find what makes your mind happy and contented, then stick with it.

Clearly this is not an easy task, but that's my final summary of my last few years. We're all different; some like apples, some like pears, some like brussel sprouts. Our tastes even change as time rolls by. Things come and go and disappear. New things pop up to replace them. It's an endless adventure of change.

Good luck!


E said…
I have been enjoying your blog so much over the last few months. I got a lot from it. The messages don't change much because they are fundamental truths about human nature, but I for one need nudges and reminders and new angles on the messages, without preachiness. Your blog is great for that. I'm sorry not to have said it before and really hope that you feel inspired to come back it one day.
Lightfoot said…
Thanks for your comment; I really appreciate it and I'm glad you've enjoyed the blog. I'm not quite finished yet, but it's time to scale back and move on to something new.

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