Chronic fatigue and the afternoon nap

This is something I wanted to write about mainly because I have been struggling with it for a few years. I tend to be a morning person and I like to get out in the mornings to get things done. This leaves me with a long day and, as part of my pacing schedule, it was highly useful to have a good rest in the afternoon. However, after a while I came to see this afternoon rest as something problematic - it was consuming a large part of my day and preventing me from doing things. So, I made various attempts over the years to try and eliminate it and shorten it, but these efforts caused a lot of frustration because I would always feel worse afterwards. Bummer.

Then, over the last few months, I changed my attitude to the afternoon nap and decided to accept it as part of my life - it is a good thing; it refreshes me and gives me a chance to recharge my batteries before the evening. This acceptance has freed me from the struggle and as a result I feel much better in general. Hurray!

I explained this to my specialist at my last meeting and he agreed that the afternoon nap should be one of the last things to go. He could have saved me some troubles but it seems as if the siesta is a good thing if it works for you.


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