Chronic fatigue and the wheelchair

I've had a problem going for a wheelchair since my illness began - mainly because I was physically fit when I started and the problems I had were all centered around mental fatigue and cognitive failures of various kinds. It also happened suddenly and I thought I could tough it out.

Years later, after not considering the wheelchair option (mainly because I didn't want to admit total defeat), I was on holiday and it was clear that people wanted to do things that I couldn't possibly keep up with, unless I went in a wheelchair. So, I could either stay at home or go along and use a freely available wheelchair. I decided to try it out and I was amazed that I could enjoy going out and about without the usual constant struggle to find resting points or coffee shops - I could just relax and enjoy the ride. This transformed the day for everyone and we all had a good time.

Since then I've used a wheelchair several times and it is generally successful. I can rest and go out at the same time. Hurray!


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