The tools of Buddhism

I'm a bit of a scientist and I thought I could science my way through life and somehow deduce a suitable outcome without life getting too bad. However, then I became ill and science let me down really - "you're ill, there's nothing we can do, it's a complex business the human body". I tried a few things and they made me worse (although I am grateful for the opportunity to at least try some treatments). So then, the science let me down.

Once you have no faith that the modern world is going to provide you with relief, you're a bit stuck - there's not much else out there, the system has run out of magic beans. Luckily, I had a casual interest in Buddhism and I gave some of its techniques a try. Here's some of the tools I found particular useful:

- mindfulness meditation
- breathing techniques and meditation (although this goes into yoga)
- concentration meditation - this is particularly healing for a tired mind
- awareness of the body
- awareness of the mind
- awareness of feelings
- seeing that thoughts affect feelings and the body
- cultivating positive mental states
- gladdening the mind
- cleaning up speech and actions
- awareness of change
- faith in change
- seeing how widespread suffering really is
- awareness of emptiness

and so on. It never ends really. Once the Dharma is out of the box, it doesn't go back in again.


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