Things change - know this well

It never ceases to amaze me how deep the reality of knowing change goes. We might think we know it, but then as we get older it keeps getting deeper and deeper into our view things until it seems totally incredible that we never saw it in the first place. Change messes with our well-being:

- We cannot control our experience
- We rely on constancy
- We are thrilled by change and the havoc it brings
- Our efforts to contain experience bring struggle
- Things happen
- Life goes on because it does

When we experience sudden change first hand, it is like having a hole ripped in our view of the way things should be. We are forced to grow up in an instant and we are left with a pile of disjointed realities. A world of hurt people opens up and our heart is wrenched into a multitude of sorrows. There is no hiding place. We become 'one of those unfortunates'.

How to feel good in the midst of change? That's not so easy. Perhaps that is the wrong question to be asking.