Chronic fatigue - wellness is a discipline

If you've had chronic fatigue for a while then you've probably realised that the days of 'doing what you like' are a somewhat distant memory. Life is about pacing yourself, gently increasing activities, being cautious, paying attention to your symptoms and generally keeping a tight lid on things. Feeling OK correlates with being well disciplined in mind and body. We might feel that we have lost out on freedom but what have we gained? To keep things snappy, I think we gain a lot of awareness. 

Awareness and mindfulness are excellent skills that are a gateway to a different way of being in the world. The more we pay attention the more we realise what is harmful and beneficial to us. Once we realise this then we become free to choose how we want to experience the world. So, in a sense we lose the freedom to 'do what we like' and gain the freedom to 'choose how we relate to life'. This is no small gain and it leads to all kinds of new vistas.

It's not easy though. Unfortunately.


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