Rest in the gaps

Although everyday life might seem like one continuous event as we move from one activity to the next, a crafty chronic fatigue sufferer will recognize that the events of the day ebb and flow. We might even recognize that there are gaps as we end one thing and start another. These gaps are an excellent place to find some relaxation and reconnect to the steady mind that brings healing and rejuvenation.

Once you get used to noticing gaps, you might start to notice them everywhere. As we sit in meditation, we might notice that a bunch of thoughts start tormenting us, then they stop (for a brief nanosecond), before the same thoughts repeat themselves to us (as if we needed to live through them again) or some new thought sequence appears. As we notice these gaps, we might like to hang out in them and get a feeling for what it is like to be between our nagging mind conversations.

Once we hang out in these gaps, we might notice that there is something noticing the gaps; namely, our awareness. We might like to play with our awareness - are there gaps in it? Does it come and go? What does it rely on? This might be a stretch.

Anyway, notice the gaps and rest in them. They are like little pearls of refreshment in a morass of struggle.


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