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Some doodle art

You might question whether a doodle is art or not, and you're probably right to do so. However with a five minute mind like mine it'll have to do.

Think sky. Think beach. Think happy things.

We see with our minds

This is quite a telling thought process to go through and it taught me a lot. The world is out there and we are in here. How does the world look? Is it scary, happy, filled with dread, annoying, tedious, bountiful, piggish, sheepish, unfair, cruel, unfriendly, friendly, happy, sad? Well, it is all these things. How we are seeing the world reflects on how we are being with the world (and ourselves). Do we see happiness and contentment everywhere? Do we see a load of trot tonkers?

Sometimes, I feel I have a long way to go. However, when I feel my mind getting into a dark groove, I know it is time to apply some antidotes.

Recognising bliss and other mental states

I've had a couple of goes at explaining contracted and relaxed mind states, and here's where we start putting some flesh on the bones. We observe ourselves getting tense and we observe ourselves getting relaxed, whilst maintaining a sense of distance. I've put some words in my contracted and relaxed states to give a bit of an idea. Being relaxed feels very nice in a multitude of different ways - have a look at the diagram for a few examples of different states that we might get into. On the other hand, being contracted is like putting ourselves through a mangle - although we might feel that the mangle is being applied to us.

So we learn to relax and this leads us to a gateway of bliss, rapture and contentment. The more we learn to recognise these different states the easier it becomes to access them when they arise. In fact, they arise all the time in every day life - we just don't notice them. Once to we get used them, they become our friends. We see them in ourselv…

Starting to experience the mind as light

You might be skeptical about us being light filled creatures but there are some easy ways to see that we are indeed filled with light. Once you start noticing the mind as light then it begins to build an inner confidence that life is not all mortgages and trips to the supermarket - life has some special qualities to it. This is not to be underrated.

So then, where is the light? I first noticed the presence of lights in the mind when I was punched in the face but this is not a great way to begin your journey. Aim instead for different moments when light appears brightly in our heads - a sudden noise can do it, or some other sensory overload (or indeed something intensely pleasureable). You might notice that the mind is filled with a blinding flash of white light and we feel slightly buzzed. If we notice this over several occurances, then the link between sensory experience and mental experience begins to take root in our awareness. This is a quite a big deal.

Then, over time, it become…

Getting back in the groove meditation instructions

There are many different techniques for attempting meditation and it's good to become familiar with different techniques as they form a kind of toolbox for use in varying situations. Here's what I use to get back down to earth after getting sucked into the world of doings; a kind of mental reset button.

- take a few deep breaths just to get in the mood
- establish the mind on a neutral object, the breath
- maintain attention on the breath for one in and out breath
- maintain for 10 breaths
- notice where the mind gets lost
- cultivate aiming, maintaining and release
- build up the rhythm
- allow any pleasure to infuse the breathing process
- allow any spaciousness to infuse the breathing process
- notice where the mind wanders off (you might be able to notice it as it happens)
- reestablish aiming and maintaining
- keep doing it
- keep letting go
- notice where the mind gets lost
- reestablish aiming and maintaining
- keep doing it

You get the idea.

Would my cat eat me if I was the size of a sparrow?


I wanted to write about my cat because he's an interesting personality to live with. The great thing about a cat is that they have no judgements about you and it's great to be present with a being that does not judge. However, let's not get carried away. He knows what he wants and I am an instrument to get him what he wants.