Starting to experience the mind as light

You might be skeptical about us being light filled creatures but there are some easy ways to see that we are indeed filled with light. Once you start noticing the mind as light then it begins to build an inner confidence that life is not all mortgages and trips to the supermarket - life has some special qualities to it. This is not to be underrated.

So then, where is the light? I first noticed the presence of lights in the mind when I was punched in the face but this is not a great way to begin your journey. Aim instead for different moments when light appears brightly in our heads - a sudden noise can do it, or some other sensory overload (or indeed something intensely pleasureable). You might notice that the mind is filled with a blinding flash of white light and we feel slightly buzzed. If we notice this over several occurances, then the link between sensory experience and mental experience begins to take root in our awareness. This is a quite a big deal.

Then, over time, it becomes an experiment in awareness to notice sprinkles of light in response to sensory actions - this can become very refined indeed. At some point we may even find ourselves bathed in a inner light that seems sublimely magical and who'd have thought that?


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