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The meditation sequence to stillness

Once you've been meditating a while, if you're a 'what next' person like me, you wonder: what next? Well, there is no real what next. You just go round and round the same loops until you start to see a pattern and then you feel yourself slipping into a different mode of mind. However, there is one well worn causal sequence in meditation that you go through that eventually leads you to a nourishingly calm place from whence you can observe many things. So, here's the sequence:

- relax every fibre of your body
- calm the mind down
- rest your mind on a neutral object (the breath)
- feel pleasantness arise (eventually). Let it be.
- pleasantness grows into something intense; bliss or rapture. Let it be.
- bliss gives way to massive plump cushions of contentment. Let it be.
- there is stillness. We feel gathered, together. Let it be.

That's it really. The techniques to get through this sequence are varied and opinions vary about the details.

It's been staring me in the face

Here's an obvious way to feel good:

Don't do anything that makes you feel bad.

It may seem rather simplistic but then these things are. If you look a little deeper into it then you will encounter the mind blowing field of ethics and ethical behaviour. You could read this statement as the beginning of your ethical journey, or, if you've been on an ethical journey, the end of your exploration into ethics.

Now, if you increase your awareness (i.e. meditate) then you'll need to get to grip with ethics at some point. Awareness, ethics and wisdom build upon themselves in a spiralling dance of awakening. As with all dancing, you may encounter blisters and other painful experiences, but don't let that spoil the party.