Go deep

This is an interesting idea to explore: the idea that there is something 'deep' within us. We use the word deep because that's the best word to describe the feeling when something reaches right into the heart of us. Rare are the deep moments of this life.

We can attempt to explore the depth of our minds directly. Imagine the mind as an onion or leek or any layered thing. The outer layer is busy, doing things, adjusting our experience. If we quieten this, we might find a more gentle layer of thoughts about yesterday or the days events, or about past experiences or other esoteric associations. Beyond this we find the body and sensations of being alive in a body. If we go deeper, we might find silence in the body and a place where there is no language, just felt sensations. Forging even deeper, we might uncover a deep sense of who we are in this body and mind - perhaps we are totally at home and feeling peaceful. We could go further into the fathoms of the mind, peeling off the layers, but where do we end up? What do we find at the centre of our onion?


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