Try and sit still for a couple of minutes

This is quite an illuminating experiment if you manage to get into it. Take a seat somewhere and try to sit still for a couple of minutes without moving a muscle - you are allowed to breathe, blink and swallow, etc - we don't want to pass out. So we sit in our chair and the urge to move is suddenly upon us. We might like to try and trace back through the urge and see where it came from, after all we decided not to move but here we are eager to move. Perhaps we are responding to a thought steam - we must do this, this and this. Perhaps we are slightly anxious and movement dispels the anxiety for a brief, fleeting moment. Perhaps our body is restless, bustling with chemicals. Perhaps we realise that all movement stems from our internal, mental landscape.

What happens if we succeed in not moving? Does pleasantness arise? Do we feel better for it? Are we relieved to resume our normal habitual agitation?


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