Am I OK?

Here's something I noticed (and have heard other people notice). The mind is tuned towards unpleasantness - it kind of has a permanent loop going that is checking "Am  I OK?". Now, normally we are OK and everything ticks along smoothly, but if we have a chronic illness then the answer will always come back "you are not OK".  This then leads immediately into thinking about how to fix the problem - our reactivity. This will further compound our difficulties.

So then, what are we to do if we are lost in our malfunctioning life? Well, we kind of learn to recognise this process:

- Am I OK?
- No
- Then, this is how it is

It's time to care of ourselves, to make some kind of room for the difficulty. If there's no immediate fix then we have to accommodate it somehow, and once we do this we start to move the mind in different circles: compassion, wisdom, awareness.


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