Life does not give us what we want just because we want it

This is an interesting thing to reflect on (I think), especially when we don't get what we want. There is this implicit assumption within ourselves that we will get what we want, that the reality we create for ourselves is built around the idea that "we get what we want". This is of course a delusion. Now, when I don't get what I want I suffer internally for a bit, and then, my mind alters my delusion so that "I was better off without it anyway". Now, after a while you can observe this story making and it would be kind of fun except that it dredges all kinds of feelings and what nots with it. Ho hum.

Another interesting thing to note is observing other people when they want stuff and then when they are thwarted. It seems surprising to me the responses of adults as they exhibit tantrums, negative out bursts, manipulation, and then, as the mind shifts, the signs of "not wanting it anyway". You can certainly see the seeds of deeper subtexts being sown.


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