Three different ways with stir fried vegetables

If you're on a restricted diet, like I have been for several years, then the chances are that you will happen upon the packets of stir fried vegetables in the supermarkets. These provide a nice, tasty lunch or evening meal, and are generally safe in terms of what a restricted person can eat. Here are three different ways I like to eat them:

Method 1 - stir fried with chilli sauce

This is perhaps the one I use the most. Throw them in the wok with a dash of five spice powder, fry for a bit, add some soy sauce (or whatever salty thing you are able to eat), fry for bit longer, add some chilli sauce, fry some more and then serve.

Variations: add some cooked chicken, or some cashew nuts at the end. Top with a thin egg omelette. Add some sherry with the soy sauce.

Method 2 - stir fried with garlic and sesame oil

Heat some oil, add some crushed garlic, then after a few seconds add the vegetables and a dash of five spice powder. Stir fry for a bit, add your soy sauce (salty alternative) and some sherry, fry a bit more, then add the sesame oil near the end.

Variations: same as above really, get some protein in there.

Method 3 - kind of thai style in coconut milk

The coconut milk is a bit fatty but it's nice every now and again. Pour the coconut milk into a pan. Add some crushed ginger and garlic, some curry powder, some extra turmeric, something salty and then bring to the boil. Simmer gently for a couple of minutes, then add your packet of veg. Simmer for a couple of minutes until cooked, squeeze in some lime juice and serve.

Variations: boiling things in coconut milk has many variations. You could add sweet potato and cook it for 10 minutes in the milk. There's also prawns, and chicken. You could make it more thai by adding lemon grass, fish sauce, chillies and coriander. It can get very nice.

That's it. I also do a stir fried curry version but I'm still working on that.


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