Some feel good tricks for your lunch hour

Sadly, these will not be easy things to do, like eat a donut. There are reasons why eating a donut does not work but let's not get into that now. Suffice to say that these ideas are a little more sublime.

1. Lose your sense of self importance

You know how it is at work. This happened to me, I did this, me, me, I, I. Work is a seriously self conscious business and we can become blinded to our self obsession. So, try and get over yourself:

- do something for someone else
- be in awe of something (art, architecture, nature, the Universe)
- remember, nothing is personal
- be generous, crack a smile at someone

2. Break your compulsive thought stream

Work demands us to be a certain way but we are more than this. Our brains have many different modes of operation other than the work mode. Try this:

- breathe in and imagine the breath entering your whole body
- repeat, and imagine the breath going in to the whole body and head
- feel yourself as one, continuous being

Or, doodle a picture. Better still, doodle yourself as one continuous being.

3. Give some love to your body

Work can wind us tighter than a Swiss clock. Have a go at these things:

- do a body scan meditation (takes about 20 minutes)
- go for a slow walk. Catch yourself trying to rush and then laugh about it ( secretly)
- do some relaxing stretches. Yoga, massage, jacuzzi. You know the routine.

4. Eat well

Think well of your body and give it plenty of salad and vegetables. Anything else is a crime.

5. Be by yourself

There's nothing like other people to get the mind racing, so stride out on your own for bit. Give yourself some quiet time. If you can:

- allow the mind to touch something peaceful.

The most peaceful thing I know is silence, so strap on some ear defenders and tune in to background hiss of the human mind.

There's 5 things to be going on with. Have the word "refreshment" on your mind as you give them a go. Think refreshment, be refreshment.


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