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Guided meditation through Jhana factors

This is a quick run through the factors that lead to absorption. Although, in practise they arise by themselves it is handy to know what they are so we don't become too excited. Also, it is quite relaxing to do them like this.

Lose your attachment to the way things should be

That's it really. If you can do this then a different world opens up as if by magic. You realise that everything you were holding to was like some kind of trick. Nothing really happens. It doesn't really matter. In a good way of course. Let's not get nihilistic.

Notice what happens when you release your grip on the way things should be. Notice how smooth things become; relationships, your shoulders, the day at work, the smile on your face and on the faces you encounter. It all kind of works by itself.

Chronic fatigue - adventures with a pedometer

I have found the pedometer to be an immensely useful device for regulating my physical exertions. Here's a chart of my steps using my old pedometer before I dropped it in the toilet last week.

There's a definite improvement in the number of steps, but it is hard won. The graph below shows a measure of my well being during the same period. You'll notice that when I increase my steps, my well being takes a bit of hit for a while and then gradually goes back up. I like it when my well being correlates to some form of activity as, for many years, it was basically all over the place, so although it is unpleasant I can take it for a little while.

I use a rolling average technique for my graph - I also discount the highest and lowest number of steps for a particular week, as this prevents me from over doing it and also gives me a chance to do nothing one day in every seven.

Finally, I wish had been told to wear a pedometer years ago. It has been extremely helpful.

Results of spirulina smoothie test

Well, the result of my spirulina smoothie test is:


There was no noticeable buzz or improvement to my day after adding it to my smoothies for about a month, but then again it had no adverse effect so it might have been working at some subtle level. Whereas, if I have a spinach and watercress soup, there is a definite lift to the rest of my day. I also "feel better" after eating a bowl of cabbage, or eating stir fried vegetables for a few days or weeks.

So, on to my next smoothie additive - something called "Clean greens". This contains powdered up green bits so this might identify whether it is the green essence that helps, or some other aspect of these vegetables that my body enjoys so much.

Guided mindfulness meditation

One thing you might like to take from this is the difference between knowing something and thinking about something.

Chronic fatigue - a year of improvement

Here's a graph showing my activity over the last year

It might not look like much but it's an effective doubling over the year. It wasn't easy; and it still isn't easy - there's a lot of difficulty here. I've been trying to increase my activity over the years and this is the first sign of any improvement. I guess it's just a question of persistence, once the time is right. This level of activity is way less than half of a what a normal person would do, so there is still some way to go yet.