Chronic fatigue - adventures with a pedometer

I have found the pedometer to be an immensely useful device for regulating my physical exertions. Here's a chart of my steps using my old pedometer before I dropped it in the toilet last week.

There's a definite improvement in the number of steps, but it is hard won. The graph below shows a measure of my well being during the same period. You'll notice that when I increase my steps, my well being takes a bit of hit for a while and then gradually goes back up. I like it when my well being correlates to some form of activity as, for many years, it was basically all over the place, so although it is unpleasant I can take it for a little while.

I use a rolling average technique for my graph - I also discount the highest and lowest number of steps for a particular week, as this prevents me from over doing it and also gives me a chance to do nothing one day in every seven.

Finally, I wish had been told to wear a pedometer years ago. It has been extremely helpful.


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