Some homebrew meditation instructions

Someone once asked me what I was doing at the bottom of the garden all these years and it was difficult to explain in five minutes so I did some guided meditations instead. Here they are:

Body scan meditation
Gladden the mind
Mindfulness/awareness meditation
Cultivating tranquility (jhana / samadhi)

Or, you could just sit somewhere for a bit and see what happens.

These are basic instructions and the only way to learn what happens is to do it for yourself. We go round the loop of relaxing the body, cultivating awareness, dropping into tranquility, and staying generally positive a few thousand times. After a while we may notice that we end up in the same empty, pleasant place and then we can explore further.

Here's my homebrew analysis of how things might progress:

Tier 1 - we learn how to meditate, we explore what happens in the mind
Tier 2 - we see what comes and goes, we get into the four foundations of mindfulness
Tier 3- we explore the arising of awareness, and the fabric of reality

I'm not saying I've done any of these things or not. This is just how it looks.


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