Spend some time with the still point

It's there all the time within us, a point of unique stillness. If you get five minutes, try to tune in to it and enjoy a few moments abiding there. Then, perhaps notice that the mind begins to mould itself to the stillness -  we experience stillness and then we become shaped by it. What does it feel like? Who are we when we are completely still? Interesting questions that lead us deeper within.

As an aside, if we spend a few minutes every day focusing on relaxing nature scenes then, according to research, the functioning of our brain improves. I've not personally run my own scientific study to verify this, but it seems quite sensible -we sit in the park, we feel better afterwards. Perhaps this what stillness is all about - giving our brains time to recover and function better in the long run.

Experience stillness, experience more. Perhaps that should be the tag line for this post.


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