The macrobiotic diet

I've noticed for some time that diet has a particular effect on me, some of them mild and some of them more extreme. Here's what I noticed:

- I feel better after eating brown rice rather than eating white rice
- Potatoes make me tired and a bit bummy
- Quinoa and millet seem easy to digest and they have no negative effects
- Tomatoes are kind of upsetting in large amounts
- Cabbage and carrots give me a lift
- Large amounts of meat make me tired
- Oily fish seem to perk me up
- Fat, sugar and processed foods make me go downhill and have laxative effects on me
- Eating smaller meals keeps me alert

So I was going to formulate a diet based around these findings but then I discovered the macrobiotic diet, popularised by George Ohsawa. Although it's a bit extreme in places, the principles seem to overlap nicely with what I've been experiencing. Doing this diet would mean taking my food habits to whole new level and it will probably take a long while to adapt to it, but I will explore this further. No tomatoes and no potatoes will be quite a challenge.


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