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The MuWu process

Here it is in a nutshell:

Body - is it tense or relaxed?
Mind - can I let go of my habitual patterns?
External - are we balanced?
Internal - is it beneficial?

There are vast worlds of exploration beneath these four things so don't take them lightly or think of them as trivial. Use them as starting points for deeper enquiry.

The MuWu self healing system

I've spent the last seven years studying the methods used in self healing, and I have now reached the point where I understand what it is from a rational perspective. Surprisingly (to my old gnarly point of view) it has a great deal of merit and, given certain exceptions, it works. That's the good news, the bad news is me trying to explain it so I've come up with the "MuWu self healing system". Look at the above diagram - this lays out the territory - it is what is known as a meta system.

To summarise, we have four bases to work with:

- the body
- the mind
- what we do
- what we take in

We can pick any of them as a starting point but they all eventually lead to each other. We can even use any type of method within each of the bases; that is not what is important. The key to it all rests in:

- the lived experience of any method
- putting the work in
- awareness of the process
- and the learned wisdom
- then understanding the bigger picture

This might all sound a…

The origin of you

Imagine this: a machine that creates a label for everything. You feed it information and it automatically creates a name for it. There's no way to turn it off. Sensory information creates patterns of activity, these patterns of activity are automatically given a label. If no satisfactory label can be found then the mind will keep churning until it gets one. We think we are in control of this process but, if we look closely, we see that it happens all by itself - a self sustaining cycle of labelling.

What purpose does it have? Labelling closes a loop so that the rest of the machine does not have to deal with it explicitly anymore. It can move on. This may seem unremarkable until you realise the machine has started labelling itself and this label has created a sense of consciousness, of self. This might seem a bit far fetched but if you look closely you will see it for yourself. The labels have created a life of their own - they have run away with the show. They have made something…

An exploration of thoughts

We all have them and they won't go away, however we can learn to work with them and find a greater space of freedom. Here are some of my explorations:

1. We learn that we have thoughts.

2. We learn that no-one else can hear them, that they are just what goes on in our head.

3. We recognize familiar patterns - anxiety, wanting, planning, reviewing, disliking, judging, aversion, impatience, plus some more.

4. We notice that as we think the muscles in our body tense up.

5. If we relax our bodies, our thoughts kind of ease up - the type of thinking is different.

6. If relax a lot, sink into our bodies, we recognize the difference between awareness and thinking. We can know sensations but we do not need to analyse them.

7. Now, we begin to notice that there is more to our minds than the compulsive thinking and doing. There are other ways of being in the world.

8. We learn more about relaxation and the different mental components that come with it - delight, rapture, contentment, peace,…

Watercress and blueberry smoothie

Here's a smoothie with a bit of pep in its loins. Watercress has marvellous properties and blueberries are a handy blue frozen fruit to add to your smoothies. Here's how to make it:

Some apple juice
Some orange juice
A handful of watercress
A handful of blueberries
Some cooked beetroot
A chunk of cucumber

Put it all in your blender and zap it. Personally, I think this one needs the apple juice to tone down the effects of the watercress - it went down a bit easier than a purely orange juice version. Enjoy!

Notice Spring

I've been around for a few Spring seasons and there's no doubt that, for me at least, it feels good. The combination of light, sound, warmth and memories through the years combine to create a sense of good times past. Perhaps the birds and other creatures feel it too. Perhaps this is part of the magic. Perhaps there is something more going on. What could it be?

Sweet potato and pepper chilli

One of the hard things about giving up tomatoes entirely is the fact that it makes simple pasta sauces a bit more difficult and it rules out this chilli I've been perfecting over the last few years. I doubt I will be able to give it up altogether.

This chilli is a vegetarian alternative to chilli con carne which I am now unable to digest properly. I like to put as many spices as I can into it and there is no set rule for what goes in. Use about a teaspoon or so of each of the spices. Use the amount of chilli heat you are comfortable with.

Anyway, here's the ingredients:

1 onion, chopped up
2 cloves of garlic, chopped up
1 red, yellow and green pepper, chopped up
oil for frying
some paprika and / or smoked paprika
some ground cumin
some ground coriander
some chilli powder and / or chilli seeds
a couple of finger chillies with all the seeds
some oregano
a grind of nutmeg
a dash of cinnamon
a dash of cayenne pepper
a tin of tomatoes
a couple of tins of kidney beans
about 350 ml o…