The MuWu self healing system

I've spent the last seven years studying the methods used in self healing, and I have now reached the point where I understand what it is from a rational perspective. Surprisingly (to my old gnarly point of view) it has a great deal of merit and, given certain exceptions, it works. That's the good news, the bad news is me trying to explain it so I've come up with the "MuWu self healing system". Look at the above diagram - this lays out the territory - it is what is known as a meta system.

To summarise, we have four bases to work with:

- the body
- the mind
- what we do
- what we take in

We can pick any of them as a starting point but they all eventually lead to each other. We can even use any type of method within each of the bases; that is not what is important. The key to it all rests in:

- the lived experience of any method
- putting the work in
- awareness of the process
- and the learned wisdom
- then understanding the bigger picture

This might all sound a bit abstract but I will attempt to take you through the whole system in various stages so you can see how it works. It's very down to earth and practical, but covers everything you might have ever heard of. Plus I will keep it nice and simple.


Greg Holister said…
Your life is a journey through which you make many choices - some good ones and also some ones -- that build your health or the illnesses that are part of your experiences in this lifetime. Life has a purpose with a unique destiny for each individual.

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