A feel good sequence

We all have bad days where we feel a bit bummed out. String a few of these together and then the whole world can seem a bit dreary. It's handy to remember that it is our view that is at fault - not anything about us or the world we live in. Our view is shaped by our thoughts and feelings, and these in turn are shaped by what we are exposed to and what we focus on. This means we have the opportunity to change our outlook by becoming aware of things that will induce positive feelings and thoughts. It's as simple as that really.

Here is a handy sequence I like to explore:

- I am feeling oppressed
- I become aware of this fact
- I know that I am more than my thoughts and feelings. These are just a product of certain circumstances
- I know that the situation is temporary
- I know that I can feel good in spite of the inclement circumstances
- I turn my mind towards the good
- I relax my body
- My mind begins to relax
- I connect to open, spacious awareness 
- Pleasant sensations begin to arise
- I connect to the pleasantness
- I work the pleasantness gently with the breath
- I relax further
- Contentment begins to arise from deep within the belly 
- There's a sense of being wholly within this experience
- I can smile again

You may wonder what happens if you carry on. Well, keep that thought and explore it further.


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