Livening up quinoa and buckwheat

If you embark on a healthy eating regime you will probably encounter these grains. I can eat rice as plain as it comes but I find that these grains require a little bit of help on the flavour front. It's quite a simple process of cooking the grain and adding your flavour.

Here's a couple of ideas:

- gently fry an onion and some garlic until they are soft
- add some cumin, coriander, salt and pepper (perhaps even add some curry powder)
- mix it into the cooked grain

- gently fry an onion and some garlic
- add some cumin, coriander and a tin of chickpeas
- add some raisins, salt and pepper
- mix it into the cooked grain

You can also try it with a vinegar and sugar combination. Experiment with different flavourings and other tinned pulses. You could also add freshly chopped herbs and some lemon juice.

Once the grains have been enhanced you can keep them in the fridge and use them as a salad for the next day.


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