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Cultural attitudes

We all inherit a given cultural attitude to life - our attitude to work, family life, that kind of thing. I have moved from one cultural outlook into another, so called social mobility, but there feels like there is something not quite right about this modern life I have moved into.

This article on the bbc sort of describes it 

Can you detect the cultural attitude that is being transmitted through the modern, middle class british outlook? Can you feel the strands of expectation stretching back through time?

The mind is rapacious

Following my last post suggesting the mind may take care of itself, I have had all my buttons pressed and realise that the mind is a rampant elephant when it wants to be. The riddles of the mind run deep and long in our beings and only something special can uproot these things. What is that special thing?     Well, that's a puzzle isn't it.

This is it - how to feel good

Every now and again I like to come up with a pith feel good approach, and today is one of those days. So here it is - after a lot of personal research, lived experience and seeing what works for other people. If you want to feel good:

Eat a nutritious diet - cut out the crapRelax and exercise your body regularly - look after it It may not sound ground breaking and that's because it isn't. It works but it takes a long time to work, and therein lies the problem. We want a quick fix because that is what we are used to but there is no quick fix. It's also tremendously hard to change the habits of a life time and this means that trying to do these things to feel good feels like a challenge - this makes us feel bad.

A quick word about the mind. You might think that I have ignored the mind in this summary, but this is not so. The body and mind are inextricably linked in an amazingly, symbiotic relationship. Everything your body does involves your mind - you can't move without …