Remembering to remember

Having rejoined the modern world, it is easy to see why meditation and mindfulness is a difficult skill to maintain. We get sucked in and the mind has a way of launching itself into "constantly performing" mode. This is hard to switch off, mainly because we forget that we need to switch it off at all. So, the first step is remembering to remember.

Once we have this hook or call back, the next step is remembering what to do. This is not easy either - this is why we rely on teachers and other people to tell us what to do. Remembering what to do relies on having belief in something and having experience that something works. This relies on practice and effort. Without this background we end up in the fridge looking for something nice, or relying on someone else telling us what to do. 

If there is one thing we should always remember to do, it is relax the body. This should be everyone's fallback feel good technique. Do whatever it takes to relax the body. Then let all the other things follow behind.


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