The mind is deep, life is shallow

There's not much more I can add to that. The pleasure in life is felt by the depth of being alive - the mind and all it's layers - rather than the surface act of living. Life seems to perennially push us towards shallow things because they are easy to quantify, but we all know that money, possessions, status are fragile and a poor substitute for living a fully immersive life, experiencing everything as it comes. It is saddening to see the way we are tricked into spending our lives chasing our tails in the workplace. The great dream of the 70s was that technology would help us work less, giving us more time for leisure. It appears to be having an opposite effect, feeding our insecurities, driving us faster than ever before. I appear to be rambling...

The good news is that we are intrinsically born to want pleasure and experience happiness. If we know that this is within us then we can turn towards the deep, felt sense of being alive and start to wake up to something very nice.


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