Meditate every day

The mind is plastic and shapes itself to whatever you expose it to. Repeated meditation opens up a new window of thought in the mind that is deeply beneficial and rewarding. Unfortunately it requires repeated practise for this window to begin to open. Tedious you might say, even boring - this is the kind of thinking you need to look into and question. It is not doing you any good.

The other common complaint about meditating every day is that there is not enough time in the day to do it. This also needs to be looked at. If you do not have fifteen minutes in your day that you can spend cultivating self relaxation then:

- your life is not balanced
- you are not being generous with yourself

Being balanced and generous are positive attitudes - by giving yourself fifteen minutes you are beginning to take care of yourself properly. Once your meditation window opens, these positive mind states begin to blossom into incredibly satisfying things.


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