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Overcoming cognitive bias

Cognitive bias is where our behaviour appears to be irrational and not following correct logical reasoning - a Buddhist might describe this as delusion. A huge amount of what we do is based on illogical assumptions because life is easier that way - it takes a lot of effort to analyse things rationally. So, we are flawed.

The good news is that it does not really matter and this perhaps is how we should  live with it. We will make bad decisions, things will go wrong, we will lose out to other people - it does not really matter at the end of the day. Everything has already gone wrong. The river keeps on flowing. All we need to do is adjust how we see the world and then everything seems ok.

This then is the overwhelming truth to feeling good: if we change the way our mind perceives things then happiness is sure to follow. Everything is governed by the mind and by understanding the mind we can give ourselves all the happiness we want.

Obviously, easier said than done ... well kind of.


I like words and here is an interesting word to say to yourself every now and again. You might think it is just a word, but words have a tremendous effect on the mind - they can turn it in an instant. Try it now, say:


It may make you feel relieved, or thankful, or joyful, or all of these things.

This is just one word - imagine if you had a bunch of words that somehow combined to bring your mind into a more positive state of thinking. What might those words be?

Everything is the seen through the mind

You might think the world is a certain way and that people are a certain way, but that is just the way your mind sees it. This view is no better than the view of another. It doesn't matter. The real problems start when you believe it. This is why you should also question your assumptions - what if they are incorrect? Do you think you are unhappy? Is that really true? Do you think you are less worthy than another person? Is that really true?

You might dispute this idea. Good luck.

Brown rice

Diet is a key component in feeling good. In particular, if your body is highly sensitive to things then you will know what a crappy effect a bad diet can have - I have spent years dealing with this. So, enter the saviour - brown rice. That's all I wanted to say really. It's been a marvellous tonic for me.

If you've been meditating on the body these last few weeks then you will have experienced the powerful force that is food - it contains all the components of addiction. If we look at this addiction then we stare straight into the face of all human struggles, and, perhaps, if we are feeling humble we might judge other addictions less harshly in the light of our struggles with the fat/sugar pick me up. What makes you reach for the chocolate cake?