The mind and the world are one in the same thing

Now, this is quite a bold statement and is probably meaningless to most of the people on the planet, but this is something that is quite liberating if you are able to see it for yourself. So, how do you see it for yourself? Here's the theory: just as a rock is shaped by the wind or the action of the ocean, so too are our minds shaped by the world. Can you separate a pebble on the beach from the ocean that made it? - (you can take it home and put it on your table, but that's not quite the point) - they are bound together by conditions - the rock expresses the ocean, the ocean is expressed in the rock. Likewise, the way we think and make thoughts is an inevitable consequence of the world we live in.

Still with me, probably not. Best not to try and explain these things. Instead, try and experience it for yourself. Get the mind very quiet and listen to the birds (or cars, or trees) - at a certain point there is no you and bird, there is just what is out there - no mind, no bird, just ...

I nearly lost my mind writing this, I hope to recover soon.


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