Unify mind, body and breath

Knowing what this means involves trying to do it. One day you will get there, like riding a bike. Then, once you can ride your bike, you ride your bike like crazy; no hands, feet on the handle bars - you become highly accomplished at it.

So then, enough chatty chit. How do you it?

- take a seat
- drop your attention into the body
- become aware of the feet, legs, body, arms and head. Hold the living sense of them in your mind.
- then maintain this awareness as a breath comes in
- if it helps, imagine the breath travelling through the body as you breathe in, down into the toes. Then imagine the breath flowing through the body as you breathe out.
- remember to include your head in your breathing
- breathe in, breathe out - keep awareness of your body
- this feels pretty good and is good progress for a busy mind, spend time enjoying this sense of awareness
- to go further, feel the pleasure of whole body awareness and relax into it. You could imagine the breath massaging the body and mind to help with this
- hold your awareness open, but keep relaxing
- at some point, the mind will switch into an open, relaxed state - nothing but the breath in the body
- spend some time here, and when you are finished acknowledge that you've been there - this helps build a new perception in your mind that you can refer back to.

That's it. Once you have learned this technique reliably, you can begin to examine your thoughts and really blow the lid off the thing you call me.


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